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May 11, 2011 / maddierenee107

What is sustainability?

Basically, the earth is hurt.

Sustainability is a way to help it get better!

The earth is running out of resources. There’s just not enough stuff to keep up with the world’s current rate of consumption! If we reuse and replenish the resources we use from the earth,  we are able to better sustain the sources of those resources.

For example,  people use a lot of electricity. This electricity can come from a lot of places, but it mostly is made by burning coal and other fossil fuels. The earth can only produce so much coal at a time, which means that soon, all the coal will be gone.  In order for the next generations to be able to have coal for electricity, we need to find a way to either a) have different sources of electricity, or b) replenish the coal we use. That way, the earth will feel better and we can use our resources to keep it goin’!