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What can I do?

Ok, so how can I help make the world more sustainable?

Stick to the basics: reduce, reuse, recycle! That’s the essence of sustainability: cutting back on what we use, getting as much use from our resources as possible, and turning what we have used into something else useful! Take plastic water bottles, for example.  Some companies such as Aquafina have bottles that are made with 50% less plastic, thus reducing the resources required to make that water bottle. Once you finish drinking the water in the bottle, you can fill it back up again, reusing that bottle. When you are done, you can put it in the recycling, where the plastic is melted down and used to make other things, like more water bottles! By reducing, reusing and recycling one water bottle, you are essentially saving at least two water bottle’s worth of plastic from being made, as well as creating a new source of plastic, one that won’t hurt the earth!

Another way to help is to get involved with local efforts! Many schools have an environmental club or “no impact week,” where students across campus can band together to make small changes that help sustain and protect our earth. Additionally, large corporations such as WalMart contribute to environmental sustainability by means of their own foundations. By working together, we can create a more sustainable environment and keep it goin’ for the future!


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