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Why is sustainability important?

Sustainability seems difficult. Why should I think it’s important?

As Kermit the Frog knows very well, it ain’t easy being green! Living sustainably is a very challenging concept, but figuring out how to replenish what we use up is essential to creating a better future!

Just think about it: if we don’t find a way to keep what we have goin’, eventually there won’t be anything left! For instance, if we continue to take all the nutrients out of our soil without putting any back in, it soon won’t be able to fertilize plants. If plants, including crops, won’t grow, many animals will have no place to live, and people won’t have natural sources of food. That’s not a situation I’d want anyone to live in! Just like Kermit said, it’s not easy, but we can find a solution to protect our planet and our future; we have to!


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